About Me

After 13 years of running a successful Real Estate business in Indiana, I decided to drop everything and move to Florida to help catch the invasive Burmese Python.  ​


My lifelong enchantment with snakes was always an obsessive hobby until now.  Now my knowledge and passion can be put to use.  I can be part of the solution to restore the balance of nature in the Everglades so the native reptiles, mammals and birds can flourish once again.   


Catching pythons is incredibly fun and exhilarating.  However, it’s a double edge sword.  These creatures are beautiful and fascinating and it’s not their fault they are here.  They have to be removed.  There is just no other way, so I have turned my passion into action, conservation, preservation and beauty.

It is important for me to find a way to use every part of the Burmese Python possible, so even though they have to be eliminated, they can still provide.

I work with designers who buy the skins and use them for products and clothing. I also have my own line of bracelets.  The bones are used for educational purposes, and jewelry.  We are working on making python meat legal to sell for human consumption.

This has been a crazy adventure so far!  I'm sure there is plenty more in store for me!


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