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Florida Python vs Asian Python

The main difference:


Asian pythons are raised on python farms and are bred specifically to be slaughtered for their hides.

Florida pythons are an invasive species that are destroying the South Florida Ecosystem. They have eaten 98% of the native mammals and birds in some areas. They HAVE to be removed in order to save our precious Everglades.

Here is an detailed explanation:

The majority of python skins that are used in the fashion industry are Reticulated pythons from Asia.  They have a diamond or triangular pattern.  The invasive pythons found in Florida are Burmese pythons, with a puzzle piece like pattern. Even though both species are native to the same part of Asia, it’s only the Burmese pythons that have established their second home in Florida.  This is because Burmese pythons were a very popular pet due to their docile and friendly nature.  Once they became too big to handle, feed and house, pet owners let them go in the Everglades.  Another factor was Hurricane Andrew that destroyed a python breeding facility and sent thousands into the Everglades.  The Florida Burmese python population is invasive and have eaten 98% of the mammals in certain areas of South Florida.


The Reticulated pythons that the big fashion names use are raised on python farms specifically bred to be slaughtered for their skin.  Almost all of the companies that dominate the fashion world now have their own python farms.  The size, patterns and colors can all be controlled to a degree so all of the products look relatively the same.  


The Florida Burmese pythons all have an incredible array of pattern and color variations, so literally not one product is ever exactly the same.   In the breeding world, the most unique patterns and colors make the most money.  Since the Florida python population came from released pets and a mass breeder, these pythons carry genes that create crazy patterns and all different colors in their offspring.  While you can always tell it’s a Burmese python, no pattern is the same and the colors can vary from incredibly light to very dark with different shades of coloring across the board.  No one product from any of these pythons is ever going to be the same.  That means that whichever product you buy, no one else in the world will ever have the same one.


The other really big difference is that the Asian farm raised pythons have no wounds, scars or skin imperfections.  This is because they are housed in enclosures with no threat from any other animal that could do potential harm and cause damage to the skin of the python.  In addition, they are fed a diet of fresh, but already dead animals so there is no risk of the food item scratching or biting the python that could damage the skin.


Even though the Florida pythons are the apex predators, they still get attacked by alligators,  panthers, bobcats, wild boar and bears.  When a python coils around it’s prey, the prey will do anything to attempt to free itself, including biting and scratching the snake.  This also leaves wounds and scars.  The pythons have many battle wounds that have healed and left scars.  Some have actually left holes in the skin.  


To get a product with a battle wound scar is absolutely remarkable and sought after.  It’s a great story to tell.  Think about it, if you have a product that is made out of a python skin with an alligator bite scar, how cool is that!!!??


Asian Reticulated Python



Florida Burmese Python



Burmese color variations


Burmese color variations

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