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Python Skin Leather Care

Leather products made by Python Huntress utilize the highest quality python skins and are made with expert craftsmanship for enduring beauty and durability. As with any natural product, snakeskin requires special care in order to last.  Snakeskin is an exotic leather that is more sensitive and delicate than cowhide leather.  Slight imperfections and color variations are natural and normal and serve to enhance the uniqueness and beauty of your product.  Color tone changes are common with the use of your product due to external light and the natural oils found in your skin.  

For care of your python leather products, we suggest the following:

  • Keep in a cool, dry place.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

  • Avoid contact with water/oil/grease/hand cream or any chemical products.

  • Store in a cardboard container.

  • Wipe the item gently with a soft cotton cloth as necessary. Always wipe in the direction of the scales.

  • Condition with a conditioner made specifically for exotic leather 


A little more detail…        

Protection and Storage

Even with the proper care, color tone changes should be expected with any exotic leather, especially when they are tanned in their ‘natural’ color and not dyed.  That’s what adds to the beauty and makes every single piece the only one of it’s kind in the world.  Exotic snakeskins are delicate and sensitive and are not as durable as standard cow leather.  It is important to avoid UV and direct sunlight. Overexposure to the elements, hot and cold, will cause the skin to dry out. Humidity can also have an adverse effect on your leather.  It’s also essential to avoid spilling lotions, oils or alcohol on snakeskin as they can permanently affect the scales. Keep your skins smooth and avoid damage to the scales by storing in a temperature controlled environment that allows them to breath. Anything that prevents air getting to the skin, such as plastic, will cause dryness and subsequent damage. Wrap your snakeskin product in acid-free tissue and store in a cardboard container to preserve that sleek, luxurious appearance.


When it comes to caring for your exotic snakeskin leather, cleaning is paramount. Use a soft, cotton cloth to gently remove dust and dirt. Oils from your hands can leave a residue. Make sure to clean in the direction of the scales (never against).   When choosing a cleaning product, only use products designed for exotic leather.  Commercial cleaning products or products made for other leathers can damage your exotic leather. 


Conditioning is essential for gorgeous looking snakeskin. A good quality leather conditioner specifically for snakeskin/reptiles/exotics ensures the skin does not dry out and keeps them striking and fresh. These conditioners contain lighter ingredients and are thinner than typical leather conditioners and using the wrong product can cause residue to build up, leaving scales cracked and prone to falling off.  Regular conditioning once a month means you can wear your snakeskin pieces at their best. 

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