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Use the Whole Python

It is important for me to find a way to use as much of the python as possible because I love snakes and I hate that they have to be killed.  


My crazy fascination with snakes started when I was a little girl when my dad took me to a creek and showed me how to catch all kinds of critters.  I had a certain enchantment with snakes though.  It turned into this passion and from then on, snakes have always been a part of my world.  The pythons are beautiful and fascinating and it’s not their fault they are here.  Unfortunately, they have to be removed and there is no other option. 

It turns out that there is a pretty high demand for Florida Burmese Python skins.   I started skinning them mainly because no one else would do it.  I have them professionally tanned and turned into leather.  I have my own line of Apple Watch bands and bracelets.  

People always ask if python is good to eat.  Ehhhh.  It doesn’t taste bad, it’s just VERY chewy.  It’s not legal to sell for meat and they apparently have high levels of mercury (scientists are currently doing in-depth studies on this).  My friend makes cookies out of the eggs.  I have had them and they aren’t bad….I just wouldn’t choose a python egg over a chicken egg.

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