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My 17 Foot Python

I caught this giant girl by myself on a hot summer night.  She was 17'3, weighed 110 pounds, and measured 24 inches around her belly.  Even though she was huge, she wasn't a record, but she is my personal best so far!  The record for the longest Burmese Python caught in Florida is 18'9.


I was going about 25 miles an hour down the highway around midnight.  I caught a glimpse of her in the treeline.  I pulled the truck over and jumped out.  Pythons are incredibly camouflaged and that’s what makes it so hard to find them.  I spotted her pattern through the grasses, and then I saw her head.  It was freaking gigantic.  I had never caught a python that big before, let alone by myself! 

I had my ‘head bag’ with me.  It’s a small black drawstring bag that fits right over the head of the snake.  It’s a method I came up with out of necessity.  I can’t overpower a snake that big (most people can’t).  I had to be a bit creative to make the pythons easier to handle. 

When I put the bag over the head, it calms them down and disorients them because they can’t see through it, or sense heat. I have an extra layer inside so they can’t bite...just in case.   I had to jump on her and hold on behind her head.  She fought to shimmy backwards into the swamp, but I dug my heels in...literally...I was using my legs to out muscle her.  I was able to put the bag over her head and she stopped fighting. 


So there I was, sitting on top of a python at midnight, in a ditch on the side of the highway that sloped just enough so cars couldn’t really see me.  I had no idea how big this python was because I couldn't see the majority of her body.  I was gathering my energy to pull her up out of the ditch but I had no idea how I would get her into the back of my truck.  Luckily I saw my friends drive by so I yelled out for them.  They pulled over and asked what the heck I was doing.  I told them I was sitting on a python and I needed their help.  They looked at each other like I was crazy and then they saw her.  They couldn't believe how big she was and that I caught her by myself.  They helped me pull her out and load her in the truck.  It was such an incredible night!! 


Watch the Hunt
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