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Guided Python Hunts
April 15th-Oct 31st

Experience a professional hunt!

Join Professional Python Hunter Amy Siewe (The Python Huntress) as she hunts for the invasive Burmese pythons in south Florida!  You will go to her summer hot spots and hunt from the Snake Deck in the back of her truck!  As a bonus, she will give you tips, strategies and tricks of the trade so you can hunt yourself!

Your hunt should be with someone who has experience, knows the area, understands python behavior and has the proper equipment to give you the best chance of catching a python!



Cost: $1800 for up to 3 people. $300 for each additional person.

50% non-refundable deposit due at booking. 


Dates:  May 1st - November 30th. Limited space fills up fast!

Click 'Contact Amy' at the bottom and we will contact you to schedule.




Port of the Islands Marina, Naples Florida

525 Newport Dr, Naples, FL 34114


There are hunting grounds closer to Miami. Let us know what you prefer.

Time: The hunt will last 4-6 hours.  Start around dusk and hunt until 1- 2AM.  


Lodging: We require our guests to be responsible for their lodging and meals. Water, Gatorade and snacks will be provided.


Attire: Long sleeve lightweight shirt, or short sleeves plus a jacket, outdoor or hiking pants, hiking boots or tennis shoes. Jeans are NOT recommended because it will be hot and you will be getting in and out of the truck bed.  Please make sure your ankles are covered.

How we hunt: We will hunt the roads (main and back) at a slow speed from the bed of the truck on the Snake Deck that is mounted with lights. See pics in the Client Gallery below. My partner, Captain Dave, will be our driver.

Dispatching Pythons:

All live captures and dispatched on site once secure. No firearms in the field.

Euthanasia method is in accordance with the American Veterinarian Medical Association of approved humane euthanasia methods for reptiles.

Keeping your catch:

The python can be skinned and tanned for a fee. 

*Python meat is not recommended to eat due to the possible mercury content. Plus it's REALLY chewy! 

Other Info:

Hunting license is not required​

No alcohol, cigarettes or cigars on the hunt (vaping is allowed)

As with any hunt, there is no guarantee a python will be caught 

Gratuity: 10-20% (not expected but greatly appreciated)!!

  Please click 'Contact Amy' below to send an email to ask questions, 

schedule a call to go over details, and book your trip!

No experience necessary!  You can be as involved as you want.  You can catch, help catch or just observe and get great pics after it's captured!


About Amy

I have caught over 500 pythons, won 2nd place in the python bowl, and have been featured on the news, podcasts, magazine articles, and documentaries. The biggest python I caught was 17'3, 110 pounds, and I caught her by myself! I donate python hunts in auctions to raise money for quite a few charities, and to date have raised $379,100.  I figured out how to skin and tan the pythons...a compilation of comedic trial and error that could be a hysterical mini-series.   I have my own product line of leather products, and I make the ONLY Apple watch bands in the WORLD that are made of Florida python skin. I have to say, I feel pretty good about how far I have come in a relatively short amount of time. There is much more to do though, and this is only the beginning!

Client Gallery

What Clients Say

I can't speak highly enough of how incredibly awesome you made the entire experience for my family and how you catered it to each of their desires on how involved to be.  From the hunting and catching, to the overall education, and the photos and videos you and Dave took were unexpected and amazing.

-Dr. Cheryl M.



How I Became A Python Hunter

In 2019, I was a real estate broker with a very successful business that I had built over 13 years.   When I learned that there was a python problem in Florida, I had to check it out because I have always had an obsessive passion for snakes and reptiles.  I scheduled a 3 week Florida vacation with my boyfriend, Dave, to see what it was all about.  I connected with a professional python hunter, Donna Kalil, and she took us on a hunt.  We caught a beautiful 9-foot python.  It was absolutely the best day ever!  I was totally hooked.  We went back to Indiana (it was -30 with the wind chill) and I told Dave that I had to move to Florida to figure out how to become a python hunter.  He said he knew before I did that we would be moving, but he had a business to run in Indiana and he would be down as soon as he could.  Because I have so much experience and knowledge of pythons and herpetology in general, I thought that my crazy passion could finally be more than just a hobby.  I could use it to help protect and preserve the Florida Everglades. Less than two months after we came back from that vacation, I moved to Miami by myself.  I had no job, no idea about how to be hired or if they were hiring, (the government was on a freeze so no one was working), and I knew no one. I rented a room from some guy online and I had to share a bathroom with his dad.  Yeah.  On paper it’s ridiculous.  In my heart, I somehow knew it was what I needed to do.  I was more sure of that than anything in my life.  It was the best decision I have ever made and I am so grateful every day that I trusted my intuition and took that crazy leap.


My 17 Foot Python

I caught this giant girl by myself on a hot summer night.  She was 17'3, weighed 110 pounds, and measured 24 inches around her belly.  Even though she was huge, she wasn't a record, but she is my personal best so far!  The record for the longest Burmese Python caught in Florida is 18'9.

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