Charity Auctions and Fundraisers

Giving back to the community is incredibly important to me.  I feel so lucky that I have the ability to offer something so unique that it can raise so much money.  Because of my contract with the state as a Python Hunter, I am not allowed to give guided tours or hunts for money.  

I can auction off hunts for charity, so that’s exactly what I do.  Below are a list of charities that I have participated in.  In some of these auctions, I partner with Bswanky so we offer a python handbag/python hunt combo.  It’s a perfect combination!

To date I have raised:  $62,900!

List of Charities:


Hope Club

Best Buddies of SWFL

Guardian Ad Litem

STARability Foundation

Grace Center Foundation

Rookery Bay

Child Protective Services

Florida National Parks

Boys and Girls Club